How IGNOU Students Can Pass the Examination in One Go

We are going to make you learn magics. Yes, magic for passing IGNOU exams in one go. Do you think it is not possible? Rub your shoulder once again and believe us. You can do wonders. You have the ability to strike hard and cross the boundary. You perceive that IGNOU is tough nut to crack. Now learn here how to crack this tough nut. Shatter the perception.

Clearing IGNOU exams in one go

How to clear IGNOU exams

Easy Solutions of Difficult Examination Questions

Are you searching guides and solutions for IGNOU examination? Do not go any where. Believe in what we are going to tell you. An IGNOU officer is writing these lines. He has long working experience in IGNOU. He shares  with you many lessons only on this platform.

Step by Step Guide on How to Clear IGNOU Examination

  • Do not waste your time in searching guides or question answer solutions. The guides in fact misguide you.
  • After confirmation of admission in IGNOU and receipt of study materials, half of your problem is solved. Start studying one or two hours whenever you get some time, at least two three times a week. Take it easy.
  • Preparation of assignments is itself a preparation for examination. So prepare the assignment yourself with the help of IGNOU books. This will help you in getting good marks both in assignment and examination.
  • You find the time gap of about two-three months between submission of assignments and appearance in examination. Utilize this time gap. Download previous year question papers from IGNOU website and go through these papers.
  • While surfing the previous year question papers you will find that many questions are repeated year after year. Sometimes you may find that almost the same question paper is repeated in the next Term End Exam.
  • Pin point or note down the most important questions which are repeated time and again.
  • The question paper gives options between the two questions most of the time. Thus, you can attempt your choice.
  • See at least four years papers. It means two question papers per year as IGNOU conducts exam two time a year.
  • Find out the answers from IGNOU books and highlight the same in the book itself. Prepare thoroughly.
  • Before going to the exam center revise the answers.
  • You are not required to read any other book except IGNOU books. Do not read guide book.
  • Attempting the question in the exam hall, write the answers to the point.
  • Write each question in bold by sketch pen or with different color. Also write the question number.
  • Attempt each question separately on next page. Do not mix two questions on the same page.
  • Write the gist of the answer in first paragraph neatly. Reply point wise.
  • Long answers unnecessarily do¬† not give you good marks.
  • If your handwriting is not good then you should write very clearly and neatly. Otherwise it will not put a good impression on the evaluator.
  • Word count should also be taken into account. The answers should not go beyond limit.
  • Do not believe that filling up many answer scripts will notch you good marks. The evaluator is smarter than you.

We can assure your that you will certainly clear your exams in one go. Follow the above guidelines. Have confidence in yourself and stay in touch with us for any help and assistance.


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21 Responses

  1. Vishal Chatterjee says:

    Do I have to write questions and then its answer ? Or just the answer followed by the question number? (Ignou answer sheet)

    • Aditya Kumar says:

      Dear Vishal,
      Sorry for the late reply. It is always better to write the questions with black sketch/ ball pen and write the answer with blue ball pen. In this case evaluator will not miss it. Also it is important to answer the next question on the next page separately. Do not mix up the two questions on the same page.

  2. A says:

    The above question is related to assignment or exam paper ? Mine is MEG 1st year .

    • Aditya Kumar says:

      Dear Aishwarya,

      These questions are related to the theory exams which are held in June and December, twic a year. The questions of assignments may be downloaded from the IGNOU website and the assignment responses may be submitted. You will find the answers/responses in the study materials which are provided by IGNOU. Thanks,

  3. LOVELY PATHIK says:


    • Harsh says:

      Improve your English, you might clear.

      • Aditya Kumar says:

        Dear Sethia,

        It is not only the language which gives a good impression to the evaluator. It is also the content and well defined answers which play a big role.

    • Aditya Kumar says:

      Dear Pathik,

      I understand your concern about the poor marking system. However, you can overcome this problem by your well planned strategy. Please try to find out a trend of questions which are asked in exams repeatedly. You may study the trend after downloading the previous year question papers from IGNOU website. Then go with the selective reading of topics you think may be repeated.

  4. Karan says:

    Hy aditya ,
    This is my first semester in ignou i am not sure ki mai konsi book se padhu koi kehta hai neeraj koi kehta hai gullybaba but i found these books absolutely nonsense even jo ignou study material mai section nahi hai unke questuons bhi diye hui hai neeraj mai …. But r u sure that we students can crack the exams by using ignou study material.

    • Aditya Kumar says:

      Dear Karan,
      Sorry for delayed reply. You have correctly found that the guide books like Neeraj and Gully Baba are absolutely absurd. I can re-assure you that by reading only IGNOU study materials, you can get good grades/marks in the assignments and exams. Of course, You can take the help of audio/video available on internet free of cost. For any further assistance, please do not hesitate to write back to us.

    • Aditya Kumar says:

      Yes, you are right that IGNOU study materials are the best source to crack the exams. However, you may take the help of the genuine materials available on internet. In my opinion, IGNOU books are sufficient.

    • Aditya Kumar says:

      IGNOU study materials are sufficient for you to pass the exams with good percentage. There is not requirement for guide/help books.

  5. Shafali says:

    Hii, agr m previous 5yrs ke exams thoroughly krti hu. To kya vo enough honge??

    • Aditya Kumar says:

      Yes. If you go through the study materials of IGNOU in the light of the previous five years question papers, you may easily get good marks.

  6. Shafali says:

    Hii. Agr m 10 previous year k ques thoroughly krti hu to kya vo enough honge ??

  7. Aditya Kumar says:

    In IGNOU, there is no cut off for being eligible for B.A. Program. You are required to have only passing certificate and mark sheet. Admission for July session is going on online. The last date is 15th September 2020.

  8. piuchuipou says:

    promotion for the july session 2019-2020 1st year

    • Aditya Kumar says:

      Notification for promotion has been issued by IGNOU. Pl. go through it. July 19 first year students are promoted. The marks of the first year in the grade card will be calculated on the basis of second year marks.

  9. Aditya Kumar says:

    There is no such requirement of passing percentage for B.A

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