Download Hall Ticket for TEE December 2020

Students can now download Hall Ticket For Term End Exam 2020 for which the exams will be held from 8th February to 13th March 2021.

Here is the link to download:

Instructions for December 2020 Term End Examination to be held in February 2020

    1. Examinee must be in possession of valid IGNOU Identity Card during the examination and should not carry Mobile Phone inside the Examination Hall at the time of Examination.

    2. Calculators are allowed for use in the examination unless otherwise prohibited through instructions in the question paper.

    3. The Examination Centers will implement the Social Distancing and other measures as per Government of India guidelines in current scenario of Covid-19 to ensure health and safety of the students.

    4. Students are also required to adhere to the guidelines and maintain the Social Distancing and hygiene to ensure safety and health of their own and the fellow students.

    5. In view of the prevailing Covid-19 scenario across the country, some students may not get the desired Examination Centre. The University has tried to accommodate such students in a nearby Examination Centre mentioned in their Hall Ticket.

    6. Students may note that there can be a possibility of last minute change of examination Centre due to Covid-19 situation or any other reason. In such a condition, the University will take appropriate remedial measures. The affected students are advised to be in touch with their respective Regional Center.

    7. Medium of Instruction: The students are required to give answers to the questions only in the languages in which the Programme is offered.

    8. Answer scripts written in any other regional language in which the Programmes are not offered will not be evaluated and the same will be cancelled without any intimation to the students. In such cases, the students will be required to reappear in the examination.

    9. The students have an option to attempt the Examination of the courses in Hindi medium irrespective of registration of the same in English medium.

    10. Examination for the following courses will be of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) type and conducted on OMR sheets only:
      BPP: (PCO-01, OMT101, OSS101)
      BDP/BTS/BCA: (BSHF-101, FST-01)
      BPCCHN: (BNS041, BNS042)
      CLIS( BLI-011, BLII-012, BLII-013, BLII-014)
      CBCS Based Bachelors and Honors degree prog. (BEVAE-181)

    11. Request for change in date and session of exam will not be entertained in case the courses are from the same Group( group 1 to group 6) or the courses are backlog courses.

    12. Students registered for appearing in Practical/Lab courses are advised to contact their Regional Centre for venue and schedule of exams.

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