How to pass IGNOU examinations: Easy tips

IGNOU examinations are ahead. The final date sheet has already been announced. You can browse the IGNOU website and find out the final date sheet. The examinations will start on 1st June 2018. It will continue till 22nd June 2018. Examinations are scheduled on all days except Sundays and Gazetted holidays.

Passing IGNOU exam

How to clear exams

Most of you are worried that IGNOU exams are a tough nut to crack. But I am giving you here some easy tips for clearing the exams easily.

Download old question papers

IGNOU provides all the necessary facilities for completing your program easily. Previous question papers are available on the official IGNOU website You may download and print them as per your requirements.

See the pattern of previous years’ questions

After taking the previous year papers in hand, study and see the pattern. You know that IGNOU conducts examinations two times a year, first in June and then in December. You will find that in each year’s question paper some questions do repeat very often. Some questions look different but the spirit and nature of these questions remain the same.

Find out the answers from IGNOU books

Do not go for any guide. Just find out the answers to these repetitive questions or important questions in your view. Read thoroughly the important points. Note down the important answers and highlight the points.

Attempt all questions and do not leave a single one

Even if you think that you do not know the answers to all compulsory question, I will advise you to attempt all the questions. Because even two-three marks make the difference.

Start next answer from next page

Sometimes the evaluator misses checking the answer if you mix the two answers on the same page. Write the answer No. with bold words and always start the next answer from the next page. This way, the chances for missing the answers are reduced on the part of the evaluator.

Before leaving the examination hall, you should revise the answers and check that no answer is missed on your side. IGNOU books are sufficient for you to read for examinations. I can assure you if you follow these simple tips you will easily pass the examination.

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