How to clear IGNOU Exams: TIPS FOR EXAMS

Only a smart study can put you ahead of others

Term End exams of June 2019 are knocking at your doors. You might be worried about the preparation of these IGNOU exams. There is a perception that IGNOU exams are tough nut to crack. You might not have received the books of IGNOU for preparation for which you might be cursing IGNOU authorities.

I would like to suggest that where there is a wish, there is a way.  There are alternate ways of getting the study materials. IGNOU has launched an app IGNOU E-content on android. The books of each course may be downloaded from it. IGNOU’s books are also available on website which is an official website of IGNOU. Alternatively, you may also download your course related educational videos from the youtube or other educational websites.

As far as the perception is concerned that IGNOU exams are tough and marking is below average, I think it is not fully correct. If you study smartly, you will easily clear the exams and will obtain good marks. Now let me explain, what is this smart style of study.

  1. Download exam sample papers of previous three years ( Both the June and December exams) related to your course from  IGNOU website www.
  2. Try to analyse the papers and find out the trend of questions.
  3. You will always find that there are question which are repeated many times. Or these questions are put up in a slightly different ways. The topics of these questions are important and you need to grasp the whole topics of these repeated questions.
  4. Write down your notes in highlighted points and revise these points before going to exam centre.
  5. Read the questions very carefully.  Attempt the required questions only.
  6. Attempt each question on separate page. Do not mix up two answers in one page. The evaluators check the copies very fast and they may miss your one answer if you write the answers of two questions in a single page.
  7. It is better to write the questions on answer script with black sketch so that the evaluator could not miss it.
  8. It is not desirable to stretch the answer unnecessarily. You are required to write to the point with explanation if required.
  9. A good writing carried out neatly is always attractive. It gives a very first impression about the examinee to the evaluator.
  10. Attempt all the required questions and never leave any required question unanswered. If you do not know the answer of any question, you may still attempt to answer. Remember that there is no negative marking. You will always be rewarded with a few marks if you attempt to answer the question. But if you leave the question you will loose the opportunity of getting a few marks.

As advised, you may appear in the exams with cool mind. The given tips will always help you in clearing the IGNOU exams. Remember it is not the evaluator who is responsible for your low marks. The student should take care of all the required things for answering the questions.

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