How to do re-registration in IGNOU

For the students who have come from conventional/regular mode of education might not be aware of the term re-registration in IGNOU.  Here re-registration means registering and paying the fee for the next semester or year. This is not applicable to all the students. This is only for those students who have opted a Program of two or three years. You may re-register for the next year or semester in time whether you have completed the previous semester/year or not.

Know your re-registration

Procedure for re-registration in IGNOU

How to apply for online re-registration in IGNOU

It is very useful to know that the students of undergraduate and Master degree courses apply for online re-registration in time irrespective of the complete or incomplete status of the previous year/semester. The official IGNOU websites privised the detailed guidelines and a platform to re-register.

Step by step process of re-registration

In IGNOU, the students can complete the Program within minimum duration of the program or maximum duration of the program. For example, a studnet in M.A. can complete the course in two years or in 5 years of maximum duration. However, The student is required to re-register for the second year only once. Here are details of how to complete online re-registration:

  • Login to IGNOU website
  • Go to “Register Online” link and click on “Re-registration” given in the drop down list
  • A new page will pop up where you will find general instructions, form filling steps and programs available for re-registration online
  • If the re-registration date is over, you will find the message in the left below corner. Otherwise, you will find the link for re-registration
  • The general instructions link is :
  • You can pay the fee through debit card/ credit card or internet banking.
  • You will receive the acknowledgment online after completion of re-registration.

For any query in this regard, you may write to us and the detailed information will be provided to you quickly.

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