IGNOU Assignments Tips: A key component of any course in IGNOU

As you all are aware of the fact that assignments in distance learning are compulsory to complete the course/Program. In IGNOU, after confirmation of admission and receipt of study materials, the submission of assignments at the study centre becomes the most important step before filling up the examination form.Ignou assignment Tips

How to write the assignments?

The first question arises that from where we may get the assignment questions for which the responses need to be submitted. In this regard, we would like to inform you that IGNOU has fully devoted a page of it official website for downloading the latest assignment questions and taking the print out for attaching with assignment responses.

Steps to download the assignment questions

  • Visit IGNOU website www.ignou.ac.in
  • Go to student support
  • See the student zone in the drop down list and click on it
  • You can see the assignments link on the right side, third from below
  • Click on the link and a new page will open where you will find the assignment questions Program wise and year/semester wise
  • You need to find out the course/paper after clicking on the year or session
  • If the questions of the concerned session/year are not available then you may download the latest available questions and submit the answers at your study centre

Steps to write and prepare the assignments in the right manner

  • Go through the Blocks/Units of your study material/book received from the University. Highlight the important points.
  • See the questions and match the answers in your book. Many a times you will find the direct answers. But sometimes, you may not find the answers directly. In such case try to understand the gist of the content and then you may write the answers in your own words.
  • Do not copy the answers in case you find the direct answers. You need to write the answers in your own words and in your own handwriting.
  • Please remember, many online portals  and some book centres are selling solved assignments of IGNOU. Never take such assignments as it will adversely affect your marks/grades.
  • Make the first page in which you are required to write your name, Enrollment No, Program, Course, address, mobile No etc.
Front page of IGNOU Assignments

First page

  • The details in the  front page of the assignment need to be filled up carefully. Any wrong information may halt in the update of the grade/marks of the assignment.
  • You are also required to neatly write in the A4 size paper with blank margins on the left side so that the evaluator may write his/her comments/feedback
  • After completing the assignment of each course/paper you are registered in, you may submit the same at your registered study centre in the month of March or September as applicable.
  • Do not  forget to get the assignments photocopied and also take the receipt from the staff of the study centre after submission.

The assignments are evaluated by the approved academic counsellors of the study centre and the marks/grades are sent to the regional centre in the prescribed format for onward transmission to IGNOU Hqrs.  These marks are updated TEE session wise either in June session or in December session. It is very important for the study centre to send the marks to regional centre by the end of June if you have submitted the assignment is March and by the end of December if you have submitted the assignments in September.


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