Know the status of your IGNOU books

You may be worried that you have to write your assignments and your books still not reached to you. Let me ensure you that your worry is going to end soon. IGNOU is trying its level best to send the study materials to you through speed post and through the alternative mechanism of the Regional centres and the study centres.

Know the status

Status of Books

You may check the status of your IGNOU books and the availability and dispatch through IGNOU website:

You may have received most of your books and when you check the status for the rest of the books, it could reflect “Under Dispatch”. It means the remaining books will be dispatched from MPDD, IGNOU, New Delhi in a short span of time directly to you registered address.

Return of speed post packets to the Regional Centre

It may appear in the status that your books have been dispatched and delivered but in fact these books did not reach to you but returned to the Regional Centre. What will you do now?

Many packets are lying with the Regional Centre as these have been returned by post man because of incomplete address or due to postal system flaws. Now you may check with the Regional Centre by sending E-mail or application or by visiting in person.

If the books are not in the Regional Centre then your application will be forwarded to MPDD section of IGNOU for further course of action.

Temporarily, till the books are made available you may login to IGNOU website

You may download your books from this website and read on your desktop or laptop.

In order to prepare your assignments and to appear in exams, you may take the help of the books available on Egyankosh.

But your books will be certainly made available by IGNOU in due course of time.

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