Receipt of books/Study materials is most important aspect in distance learning

IGNOU offers the best support services to its learners. This is why the University has recently adopted a single window clearance system for providing the study materials to the students. Before July 2017, the books were transported to the Regional Centres from where the books were supplied to the study centres and thereafter the students used to collect the SLMs from their study centres.

Receiving the books in time

How to receive books in time

IGNOU centralizes the printing and distribution of books

The students who have enrolled themselves in IGNOU in January 2018 session are receiving the books directly to their addresses from MPDD, IGNOU, New Delhi. This happened as the University has centralized the printing and distribution mechanism to expedite and speed up the delivery. No doubt, the students are currently facing a serious problem of non-receipt of all the books. This is due to the transformation stage. The University is sorting out the problem by utilising the stock of piled books at different Regional Centres. It has been instructed to all the RCs to send the available books to the students and the students are receiving the books from different corners of the country. After this phase, the books will be sent directly to the students from IGNOU Hqrs. by speed post.

However, there is also a serious issue that so many packets of books are not being delivered by the Indian post and hence these are returned to the regional centre of the student.

Here comes the role of the regional centre from where SMS are sent and phone calls are made to the students so that they could be informed about non-delivery of the packets. If the student does not come to the RC to collect the books, the same are sent to the concerned study centres.

Self Study is key for success in open and distance learning

Self study or self learning is the soul of open and distance learning. The delivery of books is the key for success and completion of the course. The learners are often annoyed when they do not receive the books in time. This is why the University is seriously thinking to  resolve all the problems of non-receipt of books. In order to study on its own pace, the learner wants to keep the books handy. The assignments can only be written when the books are received as the syllabus/course is usually not found in the book market.

Find the status of your study materials

IGNOU has provided a facility that any student of July 2017 session or January 2018 session could check the status of his/her study material on the official website of IGNOU.

For the ease of access, we are giving the link to know the status herewith:

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